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Danielle Staub Hot rich and phenomenal

Danielle Staub rich and phenomenal, maybe it is already attached to her self
Danielle Staub (born Beverly Ann Merrill, July 29, 1962) Danielle is American television personality, writer, and singer best known for his appearance on the Bravo reality series Real Housewives of New Jersey
In September 2010, she appeared on comedy programs Style Network, The Dish.Dia acted in several sketches, including a surprise cold open where he tried to take over as host after exiting the presenters are real, Danielle Fishel, bound and blocked backpanggung.Penampilan received media attention after one particular sketch which some say is a parody of Staub's castmate Teresa Guidice by portraying him as a monkey.

In 2011, Staub, along with Heidi Montag from The Hills Pavelka and Jake of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, began filming the reality series that relate to food that is coming to VH1, where they say "revamping the restaurant from the ground up .

"Social Security" is being described as a fresh and modern take "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and (hold up, is Danielle is actually rich or famous?!) This was apparently "phenomenal" (I think the producer in charge of this excerpt may need to invest in the new dictionary.) This series will follow Staub when he visits a variety of events and the homes of the rich and friends. The twist is that he's actually doing all this while remaining clinically and completely mad.