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Israel has prepared a mature plan of attack on Iran

Israel was secretly been preparing carefully planned attack on Iran is expected to be held in November 2011. Some Israeli preparations to attack Iran in conduct that permeates space and Lebanon Syira it can be seen from the leaked several print and electronic media following.

"If the green light has been given by the Government of Israel, the high-scale air attack using missiles, missiles and high-tech bomb = that can dismantle the 10-meter-deep bunker will be implemented, immediately" said the former deputy.

Evidence Preparation Israel.
What evidence Israel had prepared carefully plan the attack? The following can be seen several persaiapan Israel, namely:

• Israel has been carrying out training and preparation since 2009 for a massive attack against Iran. Israel's National Front Command also announced the agenda for mobilizing military forces in the largest military exercises ever undertaken Israel.
• The people of Israel have also been prepared to face the possibility of retaliation Israel would be accepted due to retaliatory attacks by Iranian networks throughout the world, especially into the territory of Israel from Hezbollah from southern Lebanon into Israel and Hamas.
• There are two route options are defined if ian through the same route Israeli fighter jets returned to base in Israel.
• A total of 20 targets in Nathan, Ishafan, Tehran, Bushehr and the holy city of Qom were targeted Israeli air strikes.

What is the reason Israel attacked Iran?
Israel plans attack on Iran has repeatedly not be accomplished due to signal "green light" from the Prime Minister of Israel was suddenly canceled before the attack. The reason Israel was so eagerly wants to destroy Iran is due to several things:
1. Israel called Iran's "recalcitrant" to draw their ngulur time against the UN decision about using nuclear ban (although Israel also oppose it-ed).
4. Iran too deep break interference in Lebanon and Hamas in the government in the West Bank. And Iran has great influence in the political arena in the Middle East.
5. Iran is not feasible to develop energy and nuclear weapons because it is still weak in nuclear oversight.

In addition to the above reasons, is there any other alaan the main reason for Israel?
According to Wikileaks leaks in March 2011 as quoted by news agency Haretz that Israel has a plan that according to some leaked keudutaan wire in the U.S. in Australia and in the U.S. alone that the government of Iran has missiles that can destroy Israel in just a span of 10 to 12 minutes. Iran has been able to increase the ability of this technology to have some masala Nuclear Missiles as described above.
The missile is the most feared by Israel, which Sejil missiles. ICBM missile has a length of 19 meters, weighs 26 tons and berdiameter1, 45 yards. No wonder, it is less effective Sejil missile was intercepted by anti-missile missiles or missile interceptor like Exocet.
Based on the study above, Israel did not want to again delay its attack to Iran, as has repeatedly happened regarding the failure is always an attack on Iran.

The greatness of the Iranian defense arsenal in fact, not only in the list above missile, apparently Iranian arsenal also has other capable devices, ranging from short-range rockets and medium-range missiles to fighter aircraft and attack helicopters are qualified. Of course there are persenjatan SAM system from Air to Land and also from the Army to the Air. In addition, a silkworm missile that could be used in combat vehicles Tank (MBT) as well as warships that install various types of weapons systems.
In addition to a smart bomb that Iran has also managed to change the structure of a terrestrial missile air-to-air missiles and bombers were put on their military.
Iran already has weapons capable weapons systems. Short range missiles:
• Samid rocket artillery. • Fajr-3 rocket artillery. • Tondar-69 artillery rockets. • Oghab rocket artillery. • Naze'at rocket artillery. Medium range missiles. • Shahab-2. • Kosar missile stealth.

Missiles Distance: • Shahab-3, 4,5, and 6.
Land-Air Missiles: • Misagh Misagh-1 and-2. • Shahab Thaqeb.
Anti-Tank Missiles: • Saghegh. • Ra'ad version of Iran for the AT-3 Sagger
Anti-Ship Missiles: • Noor Iranian version for C-802 and so forth.
Combat Aircraft: • IAMI Shafaq. • Su-25K Frogfoot and others.

Main Battle Tanks (TMB type):
Iranian Navy Combat Equipment: List of deliberately concealed weaponry.
List of weapons on top of course still have not loaded all for strategic affairs and Iran Defense kerhasiaan. The data above are for public consumption. But from the datas on top we have not seen any arsenal of weaponry system and kind perenjataan Navy assault force of Army and Army Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Iranian special forces).

Although Israel is no less sophisticated in weaponry system with the latest technological capabilities also dimiliknya, but at least the Iranian equipment such as the above makes Israel always think again and keep thinking how the sudden attack Iran, including a surprise attack in November this year.
This is one of Israel's serious consideration of how they should be careful in doing this attack, because Iran is not like they ever attacked Iran in 1986.
Iran now has changed 180 degrees from the Israeli attacks directed at the mullahs of this country. Iran does not care, he still goes on completing various projects in the interest of the nation and the country, including Israeli threats do not care who will attack him in November this year. Iran only to see Israel as a "naughty boy" aka Bad Boy who likes to seek sensation and was looking for the attention of his friends only.