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Results 1-1, Barcelona Going to the finals

Results 1-1, Barcelona Going to the finals ...
Barcellona in Festa. Advanced Match Champions League semi-final which brought together the two best teams spain just ended, and ended with a draw 1-1, goal scored by Pedro at minutes 9 second half and scored a reply Madrid, by Marcello at the 19 minute second half. As predicted, with this, Barcelona qualify for the Champions League Final 2011, which will be held at Wembley Stadium, London. Real Madrid, once again must memeberikan road on his rivals, Barcelona. Guardiola does have a team that is one of the world's best team, who play beautiful football.

As rumored, the tifosi Madrid who are in the arena of the stadium itself, seems to remain proud of their favorite team, Real Madrid, because of Madrid to a 1-1 equalizer, although this time, Madrid played without accompanied by the coach, Jose Mourinho, who got a red card in the first leg and then, he was only allowed to watch the game through the glass screen, good communication via sms and so on. also not permitted, other than that Madrid also played without Ramos and Pepe of course.

Although unable to accompany foster children to play on the field, Mou trying to play some cards, among others, which is quite surprising is, penembatan Kaka at the position normally occupied by Ozil and options on Higuain, rather than Benzema. And the formation of 4-2 -3 -1 to a compulsory choice, address the discipline problems faced by Madrid. Guardiola himself puts Barca Mascherano in central defense, left-back Puyol and Iniesta in midfield.

At the beginning of the match, Real Madrid seemed eager, in the early 15-minute first-half play good looks Madrid, Ronaldo also appears neat, but then Barca began to show his trademark game, lasted about half an hour, Barca began to intensify its action, Messi got his malakukan attack, so is Villa, but Casillas played very nicely and able to maintain his goal of being broken. The first round ended with a score of 0 -0.

The second half started, Ronaldo's start with the action, but failed. Like the first half, in the second half, Madrid start by playing well, but then declined and at minute 9, created goals Barcelona, ​​Pedro namapak calm in front of Casillas and on target, a goal by Pedro. On the side of Madrid, Karanka immediately put Adebayor and Ozil, the position of Kaka and Higuain, a fast response, and not long ago at minute 19, Madrid Goals created by Marcelo, 1 -1.

Abidal dielukan by friends - his friends, he successfully underwent tumor surgery 46 days ago

On the final day, Abidal will play, having previously had tumors in the liver, the large support given to Abidal by other players, look at the field all stand for Abidal. Referee De Bleeckere blew his whistle ... and ... ... Barcelona stepped into the Champions League Final 2011 in Wembley, London, on May 28th. Tomorrow, we look forward to Manchester United will complete this spectacular Opera ...