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Expensive website in the world is in Indonesia

I was surprised absurdly, after discovery of a budget of Rp 8.4 billion per year for maintenance of the Parliament website. In fact, there is a cost of Rp 1.3 billion in 2010 which aimed to site maintenance costs

Why, what difference does it make the website and the site of the House? So there are two websites of the House?
The question arises my mind after reading the news 'Billions of rupiah for IT Parliament'. It was a comment from Mas Roy. But this is not a ngumbar Mas Roy Suryo promise the House will dismantle IT data. In my writing this review is the news Roy Salam, researchers from Indonesia Budget Centre (IBC), is said to have the data from the Secretariat General of Parliament.

According to Roy Salam, there is also heading development budget information system (IT) with a total budget of Rp 9.35 billion. Fraction of this budget are:

1. The construction and development of IT:
- Shopping honorarium of Rp 491.73 million
- Operational expenditure of Rp 206.25 million
- Expenditure of USD 174.24 million
2. Seminars and workshops:
- Budget travel expenses in the domestic USD 35.38 million
- Overseas travel USD 226.35 million
- Services spending USD 207 million
- USD 7.92 million expenditure
- Capital expenditures, equipment, and machinery USD 6.6 billion
- Other physical capital expenditures of Rp 1.34 billion

Wow, this fantastic rate for the IT development of parliament in the world! Maybe new in Indonesia, which has such a large budget. What I know, IT and website development overseas is not costly. Except for military and environmental IT palace which can be require special handling.
Could be, this data is not disclosed if there was no incident during a comparative study entourage Member of Parliament in Australia some time ago. In my previous article, I called '2 .301 The Smart and 16 of the Fools'. Apparently, many members of the Board who do not have electronic mail an official mail from the House of Representatives. Clearly, the public's eyes wide open now, how borosnya funds managed and played by the Honorable Members of the Council.

I never dealt with the handling of the office website, and its cost was not in the tens of millions. Especially at this advanced age, a company in Jakarta do not need to buy a server computer device which cheapest price reached USD 15 million. Enough with the rental server ditanani by IT companies and IT operational personnel leasing, the website remains secure. Email any securely guaranteed confidentiality.

Whether because do not understand IT or the fact that even very smart on IT benefits, fantastic figures that appear in the budget the House in 2010. Hopefully, the House of Representatives could be realized if aware of the mistake. And for the BPK audit team, hopefully in the future more carefully examine the financial allocations and check directly the existence of the goods or services concerned.
And lastly, I hope the House case is the IT budget can be completed in proportion. If anyone is playing, please law enforcement officials to act. And if it is because of the innocence of the House of Representatives to manage IT, it's good to admit it. No need to be shy learn to open the Parliament website and send an email to constituents. In fact, if may, at any time please teleconference course abroad, without having to comparative studies which cost quite expensive.