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NATO fighter jets roared over the city of Tripoli

NATO fighter jets roared over the city of Tripoli, Libya, when it launched a series of attacks on Tuesday (05/10/2011) morning. Jet-low-flying jets that perform at least eight attacks for about three hours. The attack this time is the largest in Tripoli. Previously, only two or three attacks in one operation.

AFP news agency reported, four explosions rocked the capital of Libya is approximately at 02.00 (07.00 GMT) Tuesday. The blast shook the windows of the hotel where foreign journalists stayed. Four explosions were immediately followed by two other explosions. The sound of sirens and screams sounded in the distance after the air attack. Sporadic gunfire from assault rifles and heavy weapons also sound, while NATO fighter jets flew low over the city.

Monday night, witnesses reported there were two explosions that occurred in the capital city when the fighter jets fly over it. The attack Monday night that caused the smoke billowing from a location near the Libyan television office and the state news agency JANA. At least one attack hit a building that had been bombed on April 30, said a government-sponsored guide to that location. The guide was added, the building is an office of civil society organizations.

Part of the roof of the building collapsed, as well as one wall. A guard at the scene said the building was attacked at around 23:00 (04.00 GMT). A communications tower sitting in the parking lot near the building. There are no reports of casualties in the attack.

The series of bombings that occurred after the NATO leader, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said that the era of the Libyan leader, Moammar Qaddafi, has graduated. Rasmussen said, Qaddafi "must be realized earlier than (sorry) and then that there is no future for him or his regime."

An international coalition forces launched attacks on pro-Qaddafi on March 19, then based on UN resolutions to protect civilians. Then took over command of NATO operations Libya on 31 March.

Libyan regime on May 1, saying that Seif al-Arab Qaddafi, one of Qaddafi's son, and three grandchildren Qaddafi killed in NATO air strike against a compound in Tripoli