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Important Facts About Lance Armstrong

Important facts about Lance Armstrong
This time I will from share Some information about an American professional cyclistLance Armstrong That Is

Lance Armstrong was born in Plano, Texas, United States, 18 September 1971
Lance Armstrong is a professional bicycle racer United States is famous forsuccessfully winning the Tour de France seven times in a row (1999hingga 2005)since recovering from cancer. Experience facing this disease Gave inspiration uterustoset up Lance Armstrong Foundation, and then develop a LIVESTRONG bracelet in2004 in an effort to increase of awareness of Cancer Victims.
Lance Armstrong denies link by David Walsh's book, entitled From Lance to Landis on doping involvement That Won the Tour de France. In fact, Lance Armstrong through modern doping tests on urine samples taken in 1999, he proved to doping. AtThat time, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for the first time. When the sixthtimein a row champion, he got a bonus of U.S. $ 7.5 million. He risked the money to PROVE the Lance Armstrong of doping-free.

Lance Armstrong retired from racing after winning the Tour de France in 2005,endinga 14-year career.
Among the information from me about Lance Armstrong May be useful and thank you very much for taking the time to read the article "Important facts about Lance Armstrong" on my blog