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Teresa Giudice 'I'm A Jersey Girl

Teresa Giudice'I'm A Jersey Girl, No One Can Knock Me Down'. (Season 3-present)
He holds a degree from Berkeley College in Fashion Marketing and Management, after which he worked in the fashion industry in New York as a contributor to Vogue magazine. She and her husband, Giuseppe ("Joe") Giudice - a childhood friend and businessman - live in Towaco, New Jersey and had four children: Gia (born 2001), Gabriella (born in 2004), Milania (born in 2005), and Audriana (born in 2009), with whom she was pregnant during season one reunion show Season 1,
Giudice debated and then underwent breast enlargement surgery, which is displayed on the show. The document alleges Giudices "make perjury" related to their income, expenses, and assets, "hidden documents, records and papers" which will enable him to ensure the actual condition of their finances, and trying to hide their interests in several businesses, including clothing company, pizza parlor, and laundry (which has been displayed at the event) and their incomes from sources such as the appearance of Teresa and cook published. As a result, the enemy continued Sywilok's suggested that bankruptcy protection case of Teresa and Giuseppe did not have to officially run out. In July, it was reported that the contents of the house Giudice it will be auctioned on August 22, 2010pengacara Giudices', Jim Kridel, "he said hoping the auction will not last", and stressed "the pair did not mislead the court about their assets at the time of their bankruptcy filing." Joe was arrested again, on, to use false identities to obtain drivers licenses in New Jersey.