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How to Make a Safe Purchase Deed

When we bought the house, we will sign the deed of sale with the developer. Deed of sale is usually proposed by the developer. Is it safe to deed of sale offered by developers?

Contents deed of sale usually contains a specification of building materials, the agreement regarding the amount of money up front, stage payments covering the stages of payments and the time. Deed of sale and purchase versions of developer usually does not mention a time limit developers to fulfill its obligations and the sanctions to be borne by developers for developers failure to fulfill his promise. Developers will be to pretend that the deed of sale that handed it is a deed of sale is perfect. The reason is always: "This is what we always wear, and have been used for all other buyers." As a buyer, the public is on the greater risk because the house has not been awakened (still in the picture) and certificates of land still under the name of the developer, even though the buyer had to make a payment.

Therefore, to protect the buyer, the deed of sale must be mentioned time limit and clear sanctions imposed on the developer if there are conditions not in accordance with the agreement. For example: developers will be charged a penalty of 0.1% per day from transaction prices (houses and buildings) for each day of delay give up land and houses are already finished. And any delay in meeting a fine, the developer will be fined a daily rate of interest prevailing daily deposits in commercial banks at that time.
Delay in return of payment will incur a penalty of 0.1% per day.

Do not forget to also mention a penalty for the home appliance warranty developer. Fines must be paid no later than one week after the buyer notifies the water pump damage. Deed of sale must be signed by both parties over the seal, and as a buyer also must take at least one witness who is not a member of the family buyer. Thus the buyer will be protected from developers who wan achievement is prevalent.