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Volkswagen expands his achievements to the world rally championship

Some success in the arena ferocious rally "Dakar Rally", Volkswagen expanded game achievements to the world rally championship (World Rallying Championship) in 2013. Flagship Polo Weapon R WRC, so the information leaked by Nadine Nethery from VW Australia.

According to the girl, Polo R WRC, for while there will be mass produced, but hatchback model is a fifth-generation Polo that will not be sold in global markets.

This rally car four-wheel (4WD) equipped with a capacity of 1.6 liter turbocharged engine and has a maximum power of 268 HP.

Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, VW's development division team member said, the entry of VW to rally the world because of new regulations in the WRC series, especially the engine. Maximum capacity is limited to 1600 cc, direct injection and turbochraged.

"Regulation is very compatible with VW philosophy, deals with the development of production. Downsizing, high efficiency and durability are a priority for our customers," jelasa Ulrich.

For VW, WRC event which will be followed not the first. German carmaker was once active in the 1980s along with rally driver Kenneth Eriksson, who also never came to Indonesia in 1996, only defending Subaru. When defending the Swedish rally driver was driving a VW Golf GTI 16V.