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Prophet's message to women in the world

1. Word of the Prophet SAW "A woman who will obey her husband, all the birds in the air, fish in the water, the angel in the sky, sun and moon are all beristighfar for him while he was still obedient to her husband."

2. Word of the Prophet SAW: "women who will be obedient to her husband and closed seven gates of hell will open the doors of heaven. Come in from anywhere door who likes, without reckoning "

3. The Prophet SAW said "It will not end the rewards from God to a wife that her husband day and night encouraging."

4. From Ibn Mas'ud, he says the Prophet SAW said: "Each and every woman who helped her husband in matters of religion then God will put it into heaven ahead of her husband (500 yrs) because he glorify her husband in the world then get the clothes and smells heaven down to the palace for her husband and to God Almighty.

5. Ibn 'Umar said, word of the Prophet Muhammad "Women who stay home with her children will live together with me in heaven."

6. Word of the Prophet Muhammad "If someone had contained a fetus in her womb, then beristighfarlah the angels for him. God recorded for him every day a thousand virtues and remove him a thousand crime and if a woman is sick to record him maternity Allah reward those who strive in Allah's way, and if the baby has been born into the world and his mother survived the terhapuslah sin of his mother during her life like newborns, but if the mother dies it is no sin for him and God will make a beautiful park in the grave "

7. Word of the Prophet SAW "O Fatimah! Who are the women's hair and beard meminyakkan her husband, after finish his mustache and cut the nails of her husband, Allah will give him a drink from the rivers in heaven and God will relieve him death's door and found his grave would become a park rather than the gardens of heaven and are listed for her deliverance from the Fire and will be saved across the footbridge between the lines "

8. Word of the Prophet SAW: "O Fatimah, for every woman who sweat when making bread, God will make a seven trenches in between him and the fire of hell, in between the trenches it is as far as heaven and earth."

9. O Fatimah, for every woman who spin yarn and then made clothes for her children then God will reward him the same record as the person to feed a thousand hungry people and give clothing to a thousand people who are not dressed.

10. O Fatimah, for every woman who meminyakkan her hair, brush it, wash their clothes and would wash away his son, Allah will record for her good work as many strands of their hair and put too much work and made himself look bad in the eyes glow people who see it. Insha Allah,